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Mesquite-Prosopis spp.


Invasive Prosopis species (Leguminosae) (mesquite) pose a significant threat to biodiversity, pasture production and water resources in South Africa. Aspects of the biology and the host range of the seed-feeding weevil, Coelocephalapion gandolfoi Kissinger (Coleoptera: Brentidae: Apioninae), were studied in Argentina and South Africa to evaluate its potential as a biocontrol agent. Application for release C. gandolfoi in South Africa was submitted in 2012. For release of C. gandolfoi to be granted, the Biological Control Agents-Review Committee of South Africa requested conducting additional host specificity with Xerocladia viridiramis, an indigenous South African and Namibian species.


Staff in charge:

Mc Kay
Costas Zachariades, ARC-Plant Protection Research, Cedara Weeds Unit, Hilton, South Africa.
Prosopis alba
Prosopis alba
Coelocephalapion gandolfoi pupa
C. gandolfoi pupa
C. gandolfoi adult
C. gandolfoi adult