Monday , October 14 2019
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Parkinsonia aculeata L. (Leguminosae: Caesalpinoideae) is a thorny leguminous shrub native to the hot and dry regions of North, Central and South America. In Australia, P. aculeata is recognized as one of the 20 worst weeds and considered a weed of national significance due to its impacts on the environment and agricultural production.  Native-range surveys in Argentina revealed the presence of a stem-galling midge, Neolasioptera aculeatae Gagné (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) and two leaf-feeding moths: Eueupithecia cisplatensis Prout and Eueupithecia sp. 2. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). After extensive field and laboratory host range studies, Eueupithecia spp. were approved for release in Australia for the biological control of Parkinsonia.

Staff in charge:
Mc Kay
Alejandro Sosa
Raghu Sathyamurthy and Andy Sheppard, CSIRO, Australia.
Field trip
Eueupithecia cisplatensis larvae (3)
Leaf-feeding geometrid
Geometrid adults
Geometrid adults