Wednesday , January 22 2020
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FuEDEI has most of the necessary facilities and equipment to conduct the activities. The grounds are of approximately 2.100 m² including 13 offices, 3 laboratories, library-meeting room and service area. There are two greenhouses, one of glass of 20 m² and one of plastic of 72 m² with watering and heating systems; a walk-in rearing chamber with photophase, and controlled temperature and humidity, and 10 walk-in cages (1.8×1.8×1.8m) for testing insects and rearing plants outdoors. In addtion FuEDEI has fully equipped vehicles for field trips.

General equipment of FuEDEI includes: full PCR equipment; freezers, refrigerators, balances, plant growth chambers (photophase and temp. controlled), digital and light dissecting microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, refrigerated centrifuge, a microfuge; laminar flow hood. FuEDEI has a collection of ca. 6,000 insects and ca. 2,300 plants on-site. All the plants in the herbarium were recently identified and catalogued and are available through an electronic database.