Sunday , October 13 2019
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Cat’s claw

FuEDEI and ARC from South Africa signed a cooperation agreement and benefits sharing to search and study natural enemies associated with Dolichandra (syn. Macfadyena) unguis-cati (L.) A.H. Gentry (Bignoniaceae) to evaluate their potential as biological control agents. The seed-feeding weevil Apteromecus notatus (Hustache) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) has been found in relatively large numbers throughout the areas surveyed in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. By limiting seed production, thus reducing seed bank replenishment, A. notatus might make a valuable contribution to the control of the weed.

Staff in charge:

Mc Kay
Costas Zachariades, ARC-Plant Protection Research, Cedara Weeds Unit, Hilton, South Africa.
A. notatus larva
Macfaa 002
A. notatus larva and pupa
BP 011
A. notatus adult