Biological Control Agents

Biological control agents

The following beneficial organisms were found and evaluated for biological control by current FuEDEI researchers and collaborating scientists in the quarantine facilities of the destination country, where the organisms were ultimately released into the field. Some organisms, especially those for Water Hyacinth and Lagoonilla, were redistributed to many countries in Central America, Africa and Asia. The list includes: the scientific name of the beneficial organism, the common name of the target pest, the year and country of first release.

1- Agasicles hygrophila, lagunilla, 1964, EE.UU.
2- Aminothrips andersonii, lagunilla, 1967, EE.UU.
3- Orthogalumna terebrantis, jacinto de agua, 1968, EE.UU.
4- Arcolla malloi, lagunilla, 1971, EE.UU.
5- Neochetina eichorniae, jacinto de agua, 1972, EE.UU.
6- Neochetina bruchi, jacinto de agua, 1974, EE.UU.
7- Niphograpta albiguttalis, jacinto de agua, 1977, EE.UU.
8- Disonycha argentinensis, lagunilla, 1980, Australia.
9- Xubida infusella, jacinto de agua, 1982, EE.UU.
10- Neohydronomus affinis, lechuga de agua, 1982, EE.UU.
11- Heilipodus ventralis, snakeweed, 1988, EE.UU.
12- Ontherus sulcator, estiercol, 1992, EE.UU.
13- Gromphas lacordairei, estiercol, 1992, EE.UU.
14- Penthobruchus germaini, cina-cina, 1995, Australia.

15- Kneallhazia (=Thelohania) solenopsae, hormigas de fuego, 1996, EE.UU.
16- Evippe sp., algarrobo, 1998, Australia.
17- Prosopidopsilla flava, algarrobo, 1998, Australia.
18- Pseudacteon curvatus biotype Buenos Aires, hormigas de fuego, 2000, EE.UU.
19- Pseudacteon curvatus biotype Formosa, hormigas de fuego, 2000, EE.UU.
20- Pseudacteon tricuspis, hormigas de fuego, 2003, EE.UU.
21- Gratiana boliviana,tutia de víbora, 2003, EE.UU.
22- Pseudacteon litoralis, hormigas de fuego, 2004, EE.UU.
23- Pseudacteon obtusus, hormigas de fuego, 2008, EE.UU.
24- Megamelus scutellaris, jacinto de agua, 2010, EE.UU.
25- Pseudacteon cultellatus, hormigas de fuego, 2010, EE.UU.
26- Eueupithecia cisplatensis, cina-cina, 2013, Australia.
27- Liothrips tractabilis, teyú caa, 2013, Sudáfrica.
28- Megamelus scutellaris, Jacinto de agua, 2013, Sudáfrica.