Working in favour of biodiversity

We do research, and offer assessments and cooperation to find strategic biological control solutions for invasive species

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In FuEDEI, we research and develop strategies to manage invasive species (plants and insects) to benefit natural, productive and urban systems.


We focus on biological control, a sustainable activity that requires low investment and has little environmental impact. The aim of our research is to contribute to the restoration of natural environmentspreserve native biodiversity and to reduce the cost of conventional control measures (chemical/mechanical).


We carry out research in two main areas.

Over 60 years research focusing on invasive species.

Our research at the Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FuEDEI) is aimed at developing strategies to manage invasive species, and to offer advice and support to researchers and institutions

We also cooperate with renowned research institutions from different countries.

This is what the researchers say about the work at FuEDEI.

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Consult our catalog of Phytophagous Insects of Argentina and their associated plants.