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Water primrose

Water primroses, Ludwigia grandiflora, L.g. ssp hexapetala, and L. peploides, are an invasive group of aquatic plant species, forming extensive monospecific mats that impair water flow and shoreline activity, diminishing the plants biodiversity in de ecosystem. They reproduce by seeds and vegetatively, and have the potential to dominate the vegetation if introduced to lakes, river, ponds, ditches or streams.Ludwigia y EN

They are South American in origin and have spread naturally and as ornamental in USA and many countries in Europe. We found a variety of insect guilds feeding on L. g. subsp. hexapetala, including 6 species with stem-borer larvae, 1 species with fruit-feeding larvae, 4 species with defoliating larvae, 2 species with defoliating larvae on young leaves and axil meristems, 1species of cell content feeder, and 3 species of sap feeders. The promising candidate under study is a thrips, Liothrips ludwigi.

Staff in charge:
M. Cristina Hernández
cabrera ok
Guillermo Cabrera Walsh
Ana Faltlhauser
Brenda Grewell and Paul Pratt, ARS-EIWRU, Albany, California, EE.UU.
L. g. subsp. hexapetala  
L. grandiflora 
L peploides subsp. montevidensis