Sunday , October 13 2019
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The Argentine fleabane

The management of “Argentine fleabane”, Conyza bonariensis, is a main problem in fallows and summer crops. This species is widely distributed and it appears both in abandoned fields and in cultivated areas in Argentina. Its high production of seeds, ability to self-pollinate and easy adaptation to a wide range of environmental conditions give it great reproductive success and facilitate its invasive capacity. It is controlled by herbicides, mainly glyphosate, nevertheless lately this method has become of low effectivity and resistant biotypes have being detected worldwide. Besides, it was observed that C. bonariensis populations that are resistance to glyphosate have a high attack of stem miner insects.

Insects associated with C. bonariensis and the effect of their damage on the development and reproductive capacity of the plant will be studied. In addition, the effect of the damage on the sensitivity of plants to glyphosate will be evaluated.