Wednesday , November 14 2018
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Water pennyworth

Water pennyworth, Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (Araliaceae), is an aquatic plant native to South America and possibly also North America. It grows in floating patches, up to 40 cm thick, in lentic water bodies. The dense mats impede the penetration of light, navigation, and the normal flow of water, favoring eutrophication, oxygen depletion, local extinction of plants, and water pollution; all of which affects the use and quality of water. In Argentina several organisms more or less specialized were found attacking this plant (Cabrera Walsh et al., 2013), but so far only the weevil Listronotus elongatus (Curculionidae) is sufficiently specific and harmful to be considered as a biocontroller.


Staff in charge:
Dr. Guillermo
Cabrera Walsh

Djamila Djeddour, Marion Seier, y Dick Shaw, CABI-Europe, Egham, Surrey, Gran Bretaña..