Ana Falthauser

Ana C. Faltlhauser

Advisors: Dr. Alejandro Sosa and Dr. Octavio Bruzzone

Area of expertise: Weeds, Pests, Invasive Species.
PublicationsResearch Gate 

Licentiate in Biological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 2017
PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 2018-to date

Research Focus:

I have been working at FuEDEI since 2012, first as an intern with different aquatic weed projects like Water Primrose and Water Hyacinth; and then for my undergraduate thesis: “Performance of Liothrips ludwigi Zamar (Phlaeothripidae) on Ludwigia grandiflora hexapetala and L. peploides montevidensis (Onagraceae), as a candidate for biological control.» In 2015 I worked as a technician for the Cactoblastis cactorum project, a pest of Opuntia ficus indica, helping in the development of a rearing methodology for the control agent candidate, Apanteles opuntiarum.

I am currently a PhD student of CONICET and FuEDEI, again working with aquatic weeds. My research is titled: “Development of management strategies for Water Primrose (Ludwigia spp., Onagraceae), a rice weed (Oryza sativa)”. My main objective is to study and develop applicable and transferable knowledge to formulate solid foundations in an environmentally sustainable integrated management plan for rice fields in the NEA region. I also participate in the search for more natural enemies to control this South American plant, which is a strong invader in countries in the northern hemisphere.

Current Research Projects:


• Ludwigia g. hexapetala (Water primrose)
• Pontederia crassipes (Water hyacinth)
• Solanum elaeagnifolium (Silverleaf nightshade)

Biological control and Society
• Biological control of aquatic plants in Laguna El Ojo
• Development and strengthening of capacities in educational communities regarding the management of invasive species in aquatic systems. The Argentine, South African and Mexican experience in Biological Control and Biodiversity