Andrés Sánchez Restrepo

Andrés F. Sánchez Restrepo

Postdoctoral CONICET/FuEDEI student
Advisors: Luis Calcaterra (FuEDEI) and Martín Bollazzi (Udelar, Uruguay)

Area of expertise: Ants, Biogeography, Pests, Invasive Species.
PublicationsResearch Gate 
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Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2010
PhD in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2020

Research interest:

During my doctoral thesis, at the FuEDEI, I contributed to the knowledge of the geographical distribution and phylogenetic relationships of leaf-cutting ants (Acromyrmex and Atta) in the southern cone of South America. These ants are one of most important herbivores of the American continent, affecting forest plantations, vineyards and other crops. Also, I studied the phylogeography of the most economically important species (e.g. A. lobicornis) using nuclear and mitochondrial genetic markers.

As a postdoctoral CONICET fellow, I am currently working on establishing the biogeographical origins of these ants through the use of new generation sequencing approaches (NGS). These techniques, like ultra-conserved elements (UCEs), allow the use of hundreds of markers (loci) to make more robust phylogenetic and phylogeographical inferences and therefore to estimate the relationship and influence of geoclimatic events on the origin of leaf-cutting ants, their diversification patterns, and origins.

Participation in projects:


• Atta spp., Acromyrmex spp. (Leaf-Cutting Ants)
• Solenopsis invicta, S. richteri (Fire Ants)
• Nylanderia fulva (Crazy Ants)

• Hedychium coronarium