Fernando Mc Kay

Fernando Mc Kay

Researcher FuEDEI
Administrative Board Member

Research Gate
Area of expertise:
Entomology, biological control, biological invasions, invasive plants.

Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2000
PhD in Biological Science, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2019

Work experience:

• Researcher at FuEDEI, 2012 to date
• Researcher USDA/ARS/SABCL, 2006 – 2012
• Research technician USDA/ARS/SABCL, 2000 – 2006

Research focus:

My research is focused on developing environmentally friendly methods to control invasive pests and plants with emphasis on biological control.
This research involves the following activities:

• Conducting exploration surveys in South America to search and study host specific biocontrol agents (phytophagous/entomophagous arthropods).
• Running field and laboratory risk assessment studies (host specificity tests).
• Publication of research activities in scientific journals.

Current research projects:

• Schinus terebinthifolia (Brazilian peppertree)
• Prosopis spp. (Mesquite)
• Tamarix spp. (Salt cedar)
• Parkinsonia aculeata (Parkinsonia)
• Salvinia spp. (Giant Salvinia)