Guillermo Cabrera Walsh

Guillermo “Willie” Cabrera Walsh

President/Director FuEDEI
Administrative Board Member

Research Gate
Area of expertise:
Entomology, biological control, ecology of invasions, weeds.

Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires,1990
PhD in Biological Science, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2004

Work experience:

• Director/researcher at FuEDEI (2014 to date)
• Researcher USDA/ARS/SABCL (1994 – 2014)
• Research Technician USDA/ARS/SABCL (1987 -1994)

Research focus:

The long-term objective of my job is to develop environmentally-secure methods to control arthropods and invasive plants, with particular emphasis on biological control and semiochemicals. These objectives involve multiple phases:

• Exploration, collection, and lab-rearing of plants and insects, as well as their natural enemies.
• Evaluation of the impact of the invasive species on the communities affected.
• Evaluation of the environmental risk of the natural enemies considered as biocontrol agents by means of ecological and reproductive studies related to their fidelity to their hosts, reproductive biology, biogeography, and establishment and impact studies.
• Development of rearing and release methods for the biocontrol agents and their hosts.
• Publication and broadcast of the results of this research by means of journals, seminars, and classes.

Recent research:

• Jatropha gossypiifolia
• Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (Floating pennywort)
• Tamarix spp. (Salt cedar)
• Cambomba caroliniana (Water Fanwort)
• Solanum elaeagnifolium (Silverleaf nightshade)
• Pontederia crassipes (Water hyacinth)
• Egeria densa (Brazilian elodea)
• Ludwigia spp. (Water primrose)
• Fall armyworm
• Semiochemicals of stink bugs and rootworms.