Tomás Righetti

Tomás Righetti

Advisors: Alejandro J. Sosa and Octavio A. Bruzzone

Area of Expertise: Weeds, climate change, invasive species
PublicationsResearch Gate 

Licentiate in Biological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 2017

Research Focus:

In April 2018, I joined FuEDEI as a CONICET PhD student working on the project entitled: Optimization of Biological Control in the management of the aquatic weed Pontederia crassipes. The aim of my research is to optimize the management strategy of this weed using M. scutellaris Berg (Delphacidae) and N. bruchi Hustache (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) as biocontrol agents, taking into account biotic (entomofauna, chemical characteristics of the plant) and abiotic variables (chemical characteristics of the water, maximum, minimum and average temperatures, concentration of atmospheric CO2, etc.).

In addition, I am studying the possible changes in weed-control agent dynamics that may occur under climate change scenarios, and the population dynamics of M. scutellaris in different biotic and abiotic conditions.

I am interested in research topics in plant ecology, climate change and biological control, among others.

I was a lecturer in Botany  for two years at the National University of Hurlingham (UNAHUR), and I am currently a lecturer in General Ecology.

Current Research Projects:


• Pontederia crassipes (Water hyacinth)

Biological control and Society
• Biological control of aquatic plants in Laguna El Ojo
Development and strengthening of capacities in educational communities regarding the management of invasive species in aquatic systems. The Argentine, South African and Mexican experience in Biological Control and Biodiversity